Enova sets the latest trends. It is the industry’s first ERP system, which allows the customer to work on mobile devices, giving you the ability to manage business from anywhere and at any time. Customers with Enova only receive the most modern and functional technology. Its creators made sure to be reliable, fully integrated with other platforms, while invisible to users.

We make sure that our company was based on the most modern and efficient solutions available on the market because we are an official partner of Enova.

As Enova partners, we offer a range of solutions, m.in .:

Through professional analysis of customer needs, we can offer effective implementation of integrated management systems, ERP / CRM

Optimizing business processes

What determines the advantages of Enova?


Enova is the most modern ERP / CRM systems on the market, which is confirmed by the opinions of experts and rankings. It adapts to the needs of the company and varies with it.

Improves the work in the company and provides all the tools for monitoring and reporting.


The system allows flexible adjustment of appearance and interface to the needs of the company, which provides a much more comfortable and at the same time affects the efficiency.


Enova is an intelligent system. It supports decision making, eliminating the risk of errors, provides reporting and analysis tools.

Users can use ready-made templates for reporting, export data to a spreadsheet from anywhere in the system, as well as generate graphs and reports.


System is made up of modules dedicated to specific departments within the company, eg cadres, salaries, etc. HR department.

The modules can operate separately, but share a common database, which enables quick and easy management.


Enova system is continually updated (eg for changing laws) and adapted to the most modern solutions, which appear on the market. Enova draws attention to the real needs of consumers - is a system adjusted to changing needs reported by customers.


Application very easy to expand, so that it can grow with your business.

For whom Enova is the best solution?

Enova is a system adapted to business processes comprehensively supports the realization of purchases, sales of goods and services.

Enova supports a variety of areas and activities, including human resources, payroll, calendars, declarations, and human resources management.


With this module it is possible to store personal data of employees, customers and members of the public, and to take account of the remuneration systems and any other data related to personal records.


Functional and ergonomic, allow, among others, to define the distribution of working time, taking into account deviations from the schedule, etc.

HR Menagement

The module ideal for both small and large companies. Possible to issue employee evaluations, facilitates recruitment processes, simplifies record keeping and training courses.


The module enables the settlement plan and other types of contracts, as well as granting loans and advances (taxed and untaxed on-account payment). The system allows for determining working hours and very freely define the components of remuneration.


The module contains a comprehensive declaration of PIT and social security. The system also calculates funding for people with disabilities.

On the basis of many deployments, Enova has confirmed its business value in areas such as:

Services and B2B

Industry public and non-profit organizations


Employees outsourcing

Real estate industry


Office accounting and HR

entertainment industry

Logistics and spedition

Public administration

Banking and insurance


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