Digital Marketing

We are experienced in carry out marketing activities in the Internet.


What we do?

Complexed service in building brand position in social media

Marketing automation

We create profitable Google AdWords campaigns.

Social Media

Our actions within the social media allow to build strong position of the brand, attract new customers and engage them in the promotion of services or products. 


Our services:

We develop the strategy

We create fanpages and campaigns

We are responsible for the graphics side of published content

We organize and conduct competitions, campaigns and events

We analyze the results and prepare reports.

Marketing Automation

We conduct marketing activities using special software and tools to develop the sales process. We are a partner of SALESmanago.


Our services:

We create e-mails and and newsletters, which are automatically send to specific target group.

We create costomer database

We implement systems to the websites

We control amount of site visits and reactions to the published content

We create ads based on the obtained data about the customers.

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Google AdWords

Google AdWords campaigns are inseparable part of the marketing strategy. Properly conducted campaign is an effective method of promotion.

We have extensive experience in managing effective AdWords campaigns. We conceptualize the ideas, monitor and subsequent analytics.

What we can do for you? 

We develop advertising content

We select keywords

We monitor results

Ads are tailored to all mobile devices

We analize and make tests.

Analytics and Optimization

We offer comprehensive actions for the promotion of websites. Tools are selected individually for any outsourced campaign.

We analyze the competition, we are studying the market and use all available channels to services were on the top positions in the search results, and where the user is. Based on the campaigns SEO and SEM get excellent results, successfully developing your business and strengthening the position and importance of the brand in the network.

We can offer:

Istalling scripts

Analysis of acquired data and creating reports

Testing of specific marketing solutions

Integrating web pages with Google Analytics.

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