We are experts in eCommerce.

We do our best to make our services efficient. We have high technological competence- we provide hosting and technical support.


What could we offer?

Consulting and technical support

Support services in marketing

Technology consulting

Comprehensive services in IT

Support in the field of graphic design and implementation.

Magento implementation

We launched more than one online store, marketplaces and systems B2B sales. We rely on the best solution- Magento,which is recently the fastest growing and most promising eCommerce platform.

Magento stands out in the market by its complexity and richness of additional modules meets the needs of even the most demanding customers. No other platform of this type offers as many possibilities in a single tool.

Our services:

Preparing strategy

Functional project development


Magento implementation to the new project or migration of data between older and newer versions of Magento

Integrating Magento with other systems (eg. ERP/CRM)

Hosting and marketing support

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B2B & B2C Platforms

We build B2B and B2C platforms. We give you our experience and innovative point of view- we offer innovatory sales solutions based on complexed support in IT.

We want to share our experience and skills, because we believe in the possibility of B2B systems. We help to use platform and system integration with ERP and WMS. We want to automate business processes and we guarantee high quality of service.

Current information about product

Transparent presentation of availability of products and the time of order realisation

Automatic generation of commercial documentation and easy exchange system between counterparties

Convenient rebate schemes

Mobile responsive design

After-sales service, including the transparency of the ordering process, the system returns and complaints and guarantee system

Easy search system products combined with a presentation of similar products

Transaction support taking into minimum-scale contract or minimum value of the contracts for individual supplies

Possibility of ERP and WMS integration.

Multistore / Marketplace

We speccialize in creating mulstistore and marketplace platforms. 

Marketplace system is the solution which makes your project unique. Large number of customers can present their offers on one platform. It also gives to the admin total controle on the product offer without a major contribution to the commercial process.


Marketplaces offer:

Monitoring retailers' offers

Possibility to selecting offers, which gives the guarantee of uniqueness

Clear system of adding products, modifying and sales (for retailers)

Simple shopping process

The automated purchasing process from placing the order to the delivery.

Multistore systems let you to manage more than one store from only one administration panel. It is a very comfortable solution which guarantee easy access to shopping offer and simple system of assortment and orders managing.


The advantages of multistore:

The simple appearance of the panel enabling management to product offers, orders and customer bases

The ability to make changes in the product at multiple stores simultaneously (eg. Setting the same price)

Warehouses management

The ability to personalize the appearance of each store

Access to the administration panel on the mobile devices

ERP/CRM Integrations

To improve the process of managing your business, we use the technological cutting-edge management systems, ERP / CRM.

ERP / CRM is a comprehensive service for large and medium-sized companies. Not only can it improve the work, but also provide tools for monitoring and reporting. We also integrate CRM/ERP with B2B / B2C systems and with Marketing Automation tools.


What we can offer?

Multifaceted implementation of coordinating system among : Human Resources department, billing, payroll and recruitment processes

Integration of ERP / CRM with other systems

Help in choosing a system adapted to the needs of your company

Implementation of systems providing mobile services.

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